Main Features

Yard management

Tracking of all activities of loading units (trucks, vans, containers, railway carriages, cars) in the logistics center:

  • Incoming, outbounding, entering, departing
  • Movements in the yard
  • Loading, unloading cargo, input of quantities
  • Temporary leaving of yard
  • Input of weighing
  • Administrative actions
  • Reservation of incoming time slots, planning and granting of service time slots: just in time.
  • Displays for control of movements of trucks on the yard
  • Detailed description of loading, movements and data modification
  • Download of work sheets, support of working efficiency
  • Integration of separated yards, data exchange between sub-systems

Reports and decision making support

  • Detailed records of loading, movements, data changes
  • Status monitoring: summary on web page
  • Query of loading history of trucks, also in excel format
  • Daily performance summary and statistics, in excel too
  • Statistics of narrow time slots, in excel too

Other functions

  • Access of partners (appointment of arrival)
  • Monitoring of user’s activity
  • Roll back function, transaction approach
  • Data tables of actual and historical data, systematic and automatic history backup
  • Built-in prompt messages in email or SMS
  • Integration and automatic data exchange to ERP system
  • Integration to SSO login
  • Authorization and access right assignment to each function, group management
  • Multi-language system, direct switch to other language. Hungarian, English, German, other languages can be added
  • Built in user’s guide and tool tip system

Fő aktivitások

Main activities

A rendszer elemei

System elements

Belső kijelző

Indoor displays

Külső kijelző

Outdoor displays

Main features

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