Web interface

Truck Tracking System has an interactive web interface that can be used with any of the modern web browsers. We recommend Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla FireFox 3.5 or later. The web technology ensures that the solution can be easily learned and applied by our costumer's staff.

VPS hosting

The system operates on a separate IP address, on a fully separated operating system that runs on virtual private server or on a dedicated server. The web server can be accessed through the internet. This operating method makes possible special access rules: some functions may be available through VPN tunnel or just for specific IP ranges. The separated operating system and database minimizes the risk of unauthorized access. Hence virtual private servers are easily scalable, the increasing volume of data can be handled by increasing the server capacities.

Simple commissioning

As the Truck Tracking System can be used without investing into expensive hardware or specific software (database servers for example), the costs of development and commissioning keep low.

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Main activities

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System elements

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Indoor displays

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